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Respiratory system



lung: gallium imaging

  • scans at 48 hrs because 50% of normals show activity at 24 hrs

  • focal uptake
  • multifocal/diffuse uptake
    • infection
      • TB: active lesion, miliary TB, rapidly progressive TB pneumonia
      • PCP: unimpressive symptoms and CXR
      • CMV
    • inflammation: sarcoid, interstitial lung disease (pneumoconiosis, IPF, lymphangitic carcinomatosis), radiation pneumonitis
    • drugs: bleomycin, amiodarone
    • contrast lymphangiography (in 50%)

see: gallium: indications, uptake with normal chest film

Yong H. Hahn, MD  -  27 July 1995
Last updated:  1 October 2013


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