Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Symptoms of this infection vary greatly, but the disease affects primarily the lungs. [Source: Wikipedia ]

OrphaNet reference
May Cause
Abnormal azygoesophageal recess
Acute diffuse mediastinal widening
Acute mediastinitis
Adrenal calcification
Adrenal insufficiency
Air-space opacity in leukemia or lymphoma
Bilateral adrenal enlargement
Calcification in lymph nodes
Calcified lymph nodes
Calcified mediastinal mass
Chylous ascites
Colon wall thickening
Constrictive pericarditis
Deformity of gastric antrum
Diffuse interstitial lung disease with associated lymphadenopathy
Duodenal wall thickening
Eggshell calcification in the chest
Esophageal wall thickening
Fibrosing mediastinitis
Fungal disease
Gastric fold thickening
Generalized irregular small bowel folds
Granulomatous esophagitis
Granulomatous lymphadenitis
Hepatic granuloma
Hilar lymphadenopathy
Ill-defined multifocal lung opacities
Infectious pericarditis
Innumerable tiny nodules in small bowel or colon
Linitis plastica pattern of stomach
Localized narrowing of esophagus
Lower abdominal calcification
Main pulmonary artery obstruction
Marked bowel wall thickening
Marked hilar lymphadenopathy
Mediastinal abscess
Mediastinal and/or hilar lymph node enlargement
Mediastinal lymphadenopathy
Middle lobe syndrome
Middle mediastinal lesion
Miliary lung opacities
Mucosal destruction of small bowel
Multifocal thoracic calcification
Multiple healed granulomas
Multiple intracranial enhancing lesions
Multiple pulmonary nodules
Multiple splenic calcifications
Pericardial effusion
Pleural calcification
Pulmonary artery obstruction
Pulmonary lobar consolidation
Pulmonary segmental consolidation
Retroperitoneal fibrosis
Shaggy lung nodule
Sinus disease with bone destruction
Small bowel wall thickening
Small lung nodules
Solid liver lesion in adult
Solitary pulmonary mass
Solitary pulmonary nodule
Solitary thoracic calcification
Splenic calcification
Stricture of bronchus
Superior vena cava syndrome
Terminal ileum lesion
Unilateral adrenal enlargement
Unilateral hilar enlargement
Unilateral pulmonary arterial hypervascularity
Widespread abdominal calcifications
Widespread irregular esophageal mucosa
Widespread small irregular lung opacities