The "gamuts.net" web site lets you navigate the Radiology Gamuts Ontology (RGO), a knowledge resource for radiology diagnosis. RGO hosts more than 2,000 differential-diagnosis listings for imaging findings in all body systems. You can view all of the causes of an finding, then click on one of the diagnoses to view all of the findings that it causes. Each page is illustrated with relevant images from peer-reviewed journals that are retrieved on demand from the ARRS GoldMiner® image search engine.


  • 16,912 entities
    • 12,878 "causes" (conditions that cause findings)
    • 4,662 "effects" (e.g., imaging findings)

  • 1,782 hierarchical ("is-a") links
  • 55,564 causal ("may-cause") links


Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD, MS
Dhiraj Baruah, MD
Joseph J. Budovec, MD
Stephen W. Goth, MD
Cesar A. Lam, MD
Kaushik Shahir, MD
Matthew W. Shore, MD


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