Burkitt lymphoma

Burkitt lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system, particularly B lymphocytes found in the germinal center. It is named after Denis Parsons Burkitt, the Irish surgeon who first described the disease in 1958 while working in equatorial Africa. [Source: Wikipedia ]

OrphaNet reference
Burkitt lymphoma 
May Cause
Blow-out bone lesion
Bone tumor with periosteal reaction
Cecal lesion
Destructive nasopharyngeal mass in a child
Duodenal narrowing or obstruction
Enlarged orbital rectus muscles
Enlarged superior orbital fissure
Extraconal orbital lesion
Extraorbital extracranial lesion extending to the orbit
Floating teeth
Generalized osteopenia or osteolysis of the jaws
Hypoechoic liver
Hypoechoic liver lesion
Ill-defined expansile radiolucent jaw lesion
Ill-defined lytic jaw lesion
Interradicular radiolucency in the jaw
Large destructive bone lesion
Large kidneys with multifocal masses
Large orbit
Large pelvic soft-tissue mass
Lesion of hard palate
Lesion of soft palate
Loss of lamina dura of teeth
Malformed orbit
Malignant primary bone neoplasm
Mandibular periostitis
Multifocal soft-tissue tumor
Multiple radiolucent bone lesions
Multiple solid liver lesions
Multiple well-defined radiolucent jaw lesions
Nasal cavity lesion
Nasal ridge mass in a child
Nasal septum perforation
Nasopharyngeal lesion
Orbital bony defect
Paranasal sinus mass
Paranasal sinus opacification
Pelvic mass in an infant or child
Periapical radiolucency in jaw
Pericoronal radiolucency in the jaw
Periosteal new bone formation in a child
Polyostotic bone lesions in an infant or young child
Polyostotic bone lesions in children
Renal mass in a child
Renal parenchymal tumor
Round cell bone lesion
Sinonasal lesion
Sinus disease with bone destruction
Soft-tissue neck mass
Solid liver lesion in an older child or adolescent
Solid ovarian tumor
Solid renal mass
Solitary bone lesion with expansile remodeling
Starry-sky liver
Unilateral exophthalmos
Urothelial tumor
Well-defined expansile radiolucent jaw lesion
Widespread areas of bone destruction