Kindler syndrome

Kindler syndrome (also known as "bullous acrokeratotic poikiloderma of Kindler and Weary",) is a rare congenital disease of the skin caused by a mutation in the KIND1 gene. Symptoms and signs Infants and young children with Kindler syndrome have a tendency to blister with minor trauma and are prone to sunburns. [Source: Wikipedia ]

Acrokeratotic poikiloderma
Bullous acrokeratotic poikiloderma of Kindler and Weary
Congenital poikiloderma with blisters and keratoses
Congenital poikiloderma with bullae and progressive cutaneous atrophy
Hereditary acrokeratotic poikiloderma
Hereditary acrokeratotic poikiloderma of Kindler-Weary
Hyperkeratosis-hyperpigmentation syndrome
Weary-Kindler syndrome
OrphaNet reference
Kindler syndrome 
Hereditary acrokeratotic poikiloderma of Kindler-Weary 
May Cause
Skin aplasia
Skin atrophy
Skin hypoplasia
Skin photosensitivity