Hyperparathyroidism is an increase in parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels in the blood. This occurs from a disorder either within the parathyroid glands (primary hyperparathyroidism) or outside the parathyroid glands (secondary hyperparathyroidism). [Source: Wikipedia ]

Primary hyperparathyroidism
Secondary hyperparathyroidism
Severe hyperparathyroidism
May Cause
Abnormal proximal femur
Acquired skull defect
Acute pancreatitis
Altered calcium concentration
Altered phosphorus concentration
Arterial calcification
Band-like erosion of the midportion of a terminal phalanx
Basal ganglion calcification
Basilar invagination
Bilateral small kidneys
Bladder wall calcification
Bowed tubular bones
Brown tumor of hyperparathyroidism
Bursal calcification
Calcaneal bone resorption
Calcification in bladder wall or lumen
Calcification in great vessels
Calcification in heart
Cardiac calcification
Chondral calcification
Clavicular lesion in an infant or child
Congenital skull defect
Cortical bone thickening
Coxa vara
Dense subchondral zone of vertebra
Diffuse demineralization of skull
Diffusely dense calvarium
Diffusely dense skull base
Disk calcification
Distal clavicle defect
Distal tapering of short tubular bones of the hands and feet
Ear cartilage calcification
Early loss of teeth
Erosion of cortical bone surface
External ear calcification
Floating teeth
Focally dense calvarium
Generalized osteopenia or osteolysis of the jaws
Generalized osteoporosis
Generalized skull thinning
Generalized wide epiphyseal plate
Genu varum
Incomplete ossification of cranial sutures
Indistinct epiphyses
Intervertebral disk calcification
Intra-articular calcification
Intracranial calcification
Leontiasis ossea
Loss of inner cortical bone margin
Loss of lamina dura of teeth
Medial proximal metaphyseal erosion of the long bones
Medullary nephrocalcinosis
Metaphyseal fragmentation
Metaphyseal irregularity
Metaphyseal sclerosis
Metaphyseal spur
Metastatic calcification
Multiple abnormal epiphyses
Multiple collapsed vertebrae
Notching of the superior rib margins
Osteitis fibrosa cystica
Pancreatitis in a child
Parasellar calcification
Pathologic fracture
Periarticular calcification
Pleural calcification
Polyostotic bone lesions in adults
Protrusio acetabuli
Resorption of distal clavicle
Rib notching
Ribbon-like ribs
Ring-shaped epiphysis
Sacroiliac joint disease
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Small kidney
Soft-tissue calcification
Solitary large calcified soft tissue mass adjacent to bone
Spinal osteopenia
Subperiosteal bone resorption
Symmetrical sacroiliac joint abnormality
Symmetrical sacroiliac joint disease
Thin ribs
Urinary tract calculus
Vascular calcification
Wavy ribs
Wide pubic symphysis
Wide sutures
Widespread cortical bone thinning
Widespread demineralization with coarse trabeculation
Widespread soft-tissue calcification
May Be Caused by
Bartter syndrome
Craniometaphyseal dysplasia
Healing rickets
Multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 1
Multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2A
Nephropathy - deafness - hyperparathyroidism
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Parathyroid adenoma
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia