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Crohn disease: phases

  • nonstenotic phase:
    • blunting, flattening, distortion, straightening, and thickening of mucosal folds (early event from obstructive lymphadema)
    • aphthous ulcers: nodules with shallow central ulcerations
    • "cobblestoning": serpiginous ulcers separated by areas of edema
    • pseudopolyps: hyperplastic mucosa between denuded mucosa
    • postinflammatory polyps
    • "skip lesions" (90%)
    • pseudodiverticula: bulging area of normal wall opposite affected scarred wall, mostly on the antimesenteric side
    • separation and displacement of small bowel loops (from increase in mesenteric fat, enlarged nodes, or perforation with abscess formation)

  • stenotic phase:
    • "string sign": strictures (most in TI) in rigid loops
    • normal proximal loops may be dilated with stasis ulcers and fecoliths

see: Crohn disease

Yong H. Hahn, MD  -  2 February 1995
Last updated:  1 October 2013


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